EJ Slosson Endowment for Ornamental Horticulture
University of California
EJ Slosson Endowment for Ornamental Horticulture


Project Reports: Minimal Maintenance Landscaping

Project Report (PDF) Project Title Type Date Added
Allen 1986 Landscape Design Critics Program PDF 12/16/10
Bernays 1986 Ornamental Brooms Have Become Weeds PDF 12/16/10
Berry 1986 Propagation and Inoculation of Native Nitrogen-Fixing Shrubs and Trees PDF 4/5/10
Brown 1986 Control of the Juniper Leaflet Miner in Southern California PDF 12/16/10
Collett 1986 New Australian Ornamentals For Reduced Upkeep PDF 3/31/10
Cooksey 1986 Biological Control of Bacterial Fasciation in Flowers PDF 4/1/10
Dreistadt 1986 Integrated Pest Management of Tuliptree Aphids PDF 8/24/09
Ellstrand 1986 Selection for Cold Tolerance in Cherimoya Trees PDF 1/12/09
Endo 1986 Biological Control of Helminthosporium Foot Rot of Kentucky Bluegrass PDF 12/16/10
Gibeault 1986 Strawberry Clover with Bermudagrass for Low-Maintenance Turf PDF 12/16/10
Gibson 1986 Introduction and Propagation of Coastal Desert Plants PDF 4/1/10
Hodel 1986 Exceptional Trees of Los Angeles PDF 4/1/10
Holt 1986 Control of Creeping Woodsorrel in Ornamentals PDF 12/16/10
Jarrell 1986 Leguminous Trees as Low-Maintenance Ornamentals PDF 4/1/10
Kaya 1986 Biological Control of Clear-Wing Moths in Alder and Sycamore PDF 4/5/10
Keim 1986 Leaf Spot Disease of Iris PDF 4/1/10
Kofranek 1986 Propagating a Wildflower For Garden Use PDF 12/16/10
Koopowitz 1986 New Seasonal Color Perennials PDF 3/31/10
Leiser 1986 Rhododendron Occidentale On Serpentine Soils PDF 3/31/09
McCain 1986 Canker Disease of Evergreen Chinese Elm PDF 12/16/10
Parmeter 1986 Control of Branch, Leaf, and Twig Dieback of Oak PDF 12/16/10
Parrella 1986 Biological Control of White Grubs in California Turfgrass PDF 12/16/10
Paul 1986a Root Growth and Water Use in Transplanted Woody Ornamentals PDF 4/8/09
Paul 1986b Minimum Phosphorus on Turf PDF 12/16/10
Romney 1986 Mojave Desert Shrubs in Landscapes Need Special Care PDF 3/5/09
Tsao 1986 Potting Mixes for Control of Phytophthora root rot PDF 4/5/10
Waines 1986 Sages Do Well in Southern California Gardens PDF 4/1/10
Wu 1986 Selection for Environmental Stress Resistance in Turfgrass PDF 12/16/10
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