EJ Slosson Endowment for Ornamental Horticulture
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EJ Slosson Endowment for Ornamental Horticulture


Project Reports

Project Report (PDF) Project Title Type Date Added
Regular Call Projects funded for 2004-2005 PDF 11/4/08
Special Call Projects funded for Special Call: A New California Garden and Landscape Design Paradigm: Strategies for Minimizing the Use of Water, 2004-2005 PDF 11/4/08
Cary 2005 Special Call Water-Conserving Plants and Practices for Central Valley Gardens: Education Outreach at the UC Davis Arboretum PDF 12/16/10
Costello 2005 Fruit, nut and grape varieties for home orchards: San Mateo and San Francisco counties PDF 12/16/10
Downer 2005 Leaf removal and tie up for transplanted Washingtonia palms in California landscapes PDF 1/28/08
Evans 2005 Investigation of water stress-induced bedding plant establishment problems and their solution PDF 12/16/10
Ferguson 2005 Ensuring that the California Backyard Orchard web site remains a reliable and dependable resource for California's home gardeners and UCCE Master Gardeners PDF 12/16/10
Flint 2005 Comprehensive web-based guide for garden and landscape pests PDF 1/16/08
Frankie 2005 Gardening for bees in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area PDF 6/9/10
Geisel 2005 Landscape tree care cards for home gardeners PDF 12/16/10
Gordon 2005 Investigation into the etiology of decline of Raywood ash in Northern California PDF 12/16/10
Hartin 2005 Special Call Landscape Water Conservation in Southern California: a Comprehensive Outreach Program PDF 12/16/10
Lawson and Geisel 2005 (52KB)

Determination of Monitoring Methods and Efficacy of Controls for the Asian Wooly Hackberry Aphid (Shivaphis celti Das), a Newly Introduced Urban Forest Pest in California

PDF 12/20/10
Le Strange 2005 Irrigation and nitrogen fertility strategies for home lawns in the San Joaquin Valley PDF 2/8/10
Merhaut 2005 Evaluation of southern highbush and rabbiteye blueberries for Southern California- Continuation of blueberry evaluations in Southern California PDF 12/16/10
Moratorio 2005 (90KB)

Review and Update Content of the California Backyard Orchard, a Website for the Home Gradener

PDF 12/20/10
Oki 2005 A comprehensive approach to introduction of native California plant species into public and private gardens- Year 2 PDF 12/16/10
Oki Baumbach 2005 Special Call Evaluating Plant Water Use in Urban Landscapes PDF 2/25/08
Oki Lohr 2005 Special Call Using Soil Moisture Sensors to Help Evaluate the Water Usage of California Native Plants with the Potential as Landscape Ornamentals PDF 12/11/07
Paine 2005 Biological control of the spotted gum psyllid, Eucalyptolyma maidenii: A new pest on urban eucalyptus trees in Southern California PDF 12/16/10
Parrella 2005 Natural presence, behavior and feeding efficiency of the Mycophagous Coccinellid Psyllobora vigintimaculata in an urban garden setting within California's Central Valley PDF 12/16/10
Pittenger 2010 (1,455KB)

Evaluation of Pyrus interspecific hybrids for landscape use

PDF 12/16/10
Pittenger 2005 Special Call Refinement of Urban Landscape Water Requirements PDF 12/16/10
Waines 2005 Selection of pest and disease tolerant dwarf lilacs (Syringa) with low winter chill requirement and extended bloom period for the home gardener PDF 1/16/08
Waines 2005 Special Call California Native and Exotic Plant Gardens That Demonstrate Varying Amounts of Water Use and Money Saved PDF 10/15/08
Westerdahl 2005 Management of plant parasitic nematodes on turf in the urban landscape (Year 2) PDF 12/17/07
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