EJ Slosson Endowment for Ornamental Horticulture
University of California
EJ Slosson Endowment for Ornamental Horticulture


Project Reports

Project Report (PDF) Project Title Type Date Added
Berry 1994 Reducing Hazard in the Urban Forest: The California Tree Failure Report Program PDF 7/15/08
Burger 1994 The Use of Treeshelters to Improve Transplant Success of Trees in the California Landscape PDF 12/16/10
Collett 1994 Project to Import Ornamental Australian Rutaceae PDF 12/16/10
Dawson 1994 The Hydrozone Garden: A Demonstration of Groundcovers for Reduced Water Use in Landscapes PDF 12/16/10
Downer 1994 Determining the Usefullness of Eucalyptus Mulches in Landscapes Plantings PDF 12/16/10
Flint 1994 Efficacy and Rearing of Lady Beetles for Controlling Landscape Pests PDF 12/16/10
Francis 1994 Ecological Garden Design Prototypes for the California Home Landscape PDF 12/16/10
Giraud 1994 Low Maintenance Landscape Plants for the North Coast PDF 7/1/08
Kaya 1994 Suppression of Landscape Insect Pests Using a Combination of Biological Control Agents PDF 12/16/10
MacDonald 1994 Evaluation of Soil Aeration Status and Improvement Practices in Landscapes PDF 2/25/10
Millar 1994 Introduction and establishment of Natural Enemies of the Eucalyptus Longhorned Borer PDF 12/16/10
Sachs 1994 Reduced Water Consumption by Acclimatized Landscapes PDF 6/15/09
Schuch 1994 Water Conserving Srategies: Crop Cofficients and ET0 for Economical Irrigation PDF 12/16/10
Shorey 1994 Development of a Novel, Low-input, Environmentally Safe, Effective Method for Exclusion of Ants From Ornamental Plants PDF 2/26/10
Wu 1994 Water Use Rate and Salinity Tolerance Studies for Low Energy Input Ground Cover and Turfgrass Management PDF 12/16/10
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