EJ Slosson Endowment for Ornamental Horticulture
University of California
EJ Slosson Endowment for Ornamental Horticulture


Project Reports

Project Report (PDF) Project Title Type Date Added
Projects funded for 2006-2007 Projects funded from July 2006 to June 2007 PDF 1/10/08
Delwiche 2007 Precision Irrigation in Landscapes by Wireless Network PDF 8/23/08
Feldman Zagory 2007 Acacia Grove Expansion and Renovation at the UC Davis Arboretum PDF 12/22/08
Ferguson 2007 Revision of California Backyard Orchard Web Site PDF 8/25/08
Hall 2007 Creation of an Australian Rock Garden at the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum PDF 1/6/09
Harding and Lane 2007 GIS Mapping of Environmental Horticulture Teaching Gardens PDF 3/26/09
Holt and Garcia 2007 Relationship of Artichokes and Cardoon to Invasive Artichoke Thistle: Should They be Discouraged in the Home Garden? PDF 8/28/08
McPherson 2007 Visualization of Tree Growth, Benefits and costs PDF 8/25/08
Parfitt 2007 Development of a New Bonzi Pistachio Ornamental Tree PDF 8/25/08
Thorsch 2007 (27KB)

UC Santa Barbara Campus Flora Project

PDF 12/16/10
Waines Delphinium 2007 Development of Red and Yellow Delphiniums for California Home Gardens, Nurseries and Seed Houses PDF 11/3/08
Waines Syringa 2007 Selection of Pest and Disease Tolerant Dwarf Lilacs (Syringa) with Low Winter Chill Requirement and Extended Bloom Period for the Home Gardener. Third Year, 2006-2007 PDF 11/3/08
Westerdahl 2007 Trap Cropping for Management of Root- Knot Nematode in Home Gardens PDF 8/25/08
Wilen and Henry 2007 Comparing "Weed and Feed" Combinations to Fertilizer and Overseeding for Weed Control in Home Lawns PDF 8/25/08
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